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    Ok I run a business desigining craigslist ads and I need a script that can run on the back end of my design or within my design but I would like to keep my full design while the script is running.

    I need a script that allows me to upload my customers deigned ad to my server and stores them in a folder on the server that I decide. during the process of uploading my designed ad I need to have an option to put in the customers url that makes the add clickable. after the ad is successfully uploaded I need it to generate a custom html code that grabs the jpeg image "custom ad" from my server and makes that ad clickable.

    a code similar to this

    <a href="" TARGET="_blank">
    <IMG BORDER="2" SRC=""alt="Abundant Living System"></a>

    I need it to generate me a new code for every ad that I add because each code will different per each customers ad.

    I also need the script configured to where after 30 days from the day I upload the ad that the generated html code for that particular ad will expire. " In the admin panel I would like it to where if the customer wishes to purchase additional months hosting of there ad I can manually add aditional days per customers ad.

    also I would like the script to have a customers login where they can see how many clicks there ad is getting per ad per generated code. I want the customer also to be able to see how many more days they have until there ad expires and if they wish to purchase additional months hosting of there ad they can pay $x.xx from there back office and it will direct them to paypal to pay there $x.xx. also if they wish to purchase a new ad for $xx.xx they can do that from there back office.

    I also need some kind of affiliate link generator so when the customer is signing up for access to there back office it will generate them a unique link in there back office so they can now promote the program. W will not pay affiliates in money we are going to pay them with free ads. so I need the script to be able to keep track of all the paying customers that come threw each affiliate link. This way after an affiliate refers X ammount of paying customer we will give them 1 credit good for 1 free ad. In the back office I need it to show them how many available ad credits they have and if they choose to use an ad credit they can click on use ad credit and then they can put in there url that they want there ad created for and a edit box where they can typ additional information about there ad and hit submit to use a credit. when they use this credit I will be notified via email to create an ad for "customer Name".

    Also in the back office "from the customers view" if they wish for us to post ads for them they can purchase posting. "where I will post there ads on craigslist for them" I need it to where they can typ in how many weekly ads they wish for me to post and it will generate there total and they can pay for me to post there ads. " I need the script set to where I can set the cost per post from the admin panel.

    I would like to have full control over the complete customers back office from the admin control panel of the script. like

    price per post
    expiring ads
    additional months hosting "day for day" for each customer for each of there ads.
    so on and so on

    I am needing this pretty fast can someone please give me a quote