Photoshop or CPA/PPD? Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ShoeRex, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Okay BHW I need your advice here

    So, stuffs happened, and I need to get 300 by the end of this month.
    I have a lot of RL stuffs going on so I don't have much time to spend online to make money. (1 hours the most a day, maybe 2-3 hours if weekends)
    That's why, I'm planning to spend my time on one method only but I have no idea which one to focus on.

    • I have some decent Photoshop skills so I can design logos and maybe even landing pages, but are they worth the time? From what I see, most people demands a lot but are not willing to pay more than 5 bucks so is it worth spending my time to promote my services?

    • Alternatively, I can turn to CPA/PPD but I know jack about SEO and video making. I have a CF and AWM account ready but I have no idea how to promote things (I can make stuffs but my skills are pretty much useless if I can't market anything ugh I'm just generally bad at promoting)
    I don't have a smartphone either so I can't create many YT accounts, so yt method is totally out for me......

    • I think I can write pretty well but with all the 0.0005 per word thing going on I'll have to churn out thousands of articles before I get even 10 bucks

    • I'm fluent in several Asian languages so I can translate stuffs, but then again, the demand seems to be mostly for French or German so useless skill again...?
    Edit: I can spin PLR bs as ebooks too, but I don't have dp or wso accounts so I have no idea where to sell them.....

    I can't do part time jobs because 300 in the US is equal to 1000 here and most non-degree jobs only pay like... 600? I don't have any items to sell either so yeah you get the gist

    I think that's all, so yeah I'd appreciate any useful input from you guys.

    I hope I don't get flamed for this. I'm not asking for quick cash, I just don't have lots of time so I'll need to know what's the best thing to focus my limited resources on.
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    CPA/PPD is definitely a fast route of money making but it's short lasted. If you want to earn a ton with PPD, you would need to be consistent in uploading and giving videos views and stuff like that however if you're hardworking enough, 300 is definitely not a problem by the end of the month.
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    Since you're pressed on time, I'd suggest you make use of the skills that you already have. Jumping into PPD without knowing anything about it is going to frustrate you.

    Create and offer a few gigs on fiverr. There are plenty of people on their looking for what you have to offer.

    Could you show us a few samples of your logos that you have made? I may be interested if I like what I see.

    You said you don't know how to promote things... that's going to be a problem... you have to learn some marketing if you want to sell something.

    I hope it works out for you. Good luck!
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    Are you from Poland by any chance? And pm me. I might have some work for you. If not work i'll give you some advices. Thats mostly depands on your level of skill in photoshop