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Phone Verification on Groups of accounts.

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by TheFact, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. TheFact

    TheFact Registered Member

    Apr 14, 2015
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    Hey there. I would appreciate any idea or help regarding this topic:

    Lately I've got phone verifications on accounts that were verificated once a longer while ago after creating (via bluestacks).

    Now verification appears more often and often. Every time it seams to be a group of accounts 9-12 accounts
    And when they have to be reverificated, the others of the group nearly always have to be reverificated aswell.

    I have about 3 groups like these that keep asking me for verification again a week later or so.
    Doing the reverification via bluestacks... sometimes also on a physical phone to see what it changes.
    No difference

    I use 3 Accounts per proxy & real phone number - Limits that work on the accounts of my clients.
    In general I only get it on my own accounts. I have clients with the same setting. 3 Accounts per proxy . Never had problems on these settings. Only difference is a few more likes on my own accounts.

    Going crazy with this.
    Can it be the creation of the accounts? Account age is about 6 month. They were running since then... until about 2 month ago only one verification at the start.

    If anyone has valueable tips its very appreciated.

    Thank you!