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    Hello everyone,

    This post is targeted for newcomers to IG and maybe some old-timers who are looking to expand their portfolios of different niche accounts. I'm sure everyone's heard FIND YOUR OWN NICHE! But who really listens? Everyone wants results. You're not going to get amazing results if you go to an oversaturated niche, but you WILL get results. Recently I've been testing out niches. I have a few accounts in oversaturated niches, and some are doing very well. They're doing well because they're aged and have a decent amount of followers. I notice people trying to start out, aka the ones begging me for free shoutouts daily have a really rough time growing unless they dedicate a lot of time.

    Here's my personal experience. I saw something recently that interested me, and I knew would have a lot of dedicated followers. I decided to test it out. I started an account in a niche where the only other big accounts are owned by companies (And my account currently is about 1/8th the size of the biggest company account, which.. isn't bad actually). I'm using bots on this one and since there's few accounts that have much followers, I only follow people who use specific related hashtags. I wish there were more people, but it is what it is. And so far, results are still very satisfactory.

    Here's a list of reasons why you need to find your own specific niche, based on what I've seen these past few days:
    -Your account will be one of the first to show up
    -Your activity rates on pictures will be MUCH better than on saturated niches {For example, I got at the very beginning under 500 followers around 200 likes per picture. It was crazy! Then once I passed 1K, I was getting about 150-250. (The reason for the slight drop is I knew I posted in the wrong time frames.. due to my actual work) But the 200+ ones WERE posted in the right time frames. So still, 25%. And now at my current of about 1.4K I'm getting 25%. This compared to my 2 accounts in fitness, where one is 800 followers and another 2.6K: 5-10% and to my luxury account, around the same, and to my comedy accounts, 3-4% at similar follower numbers}
    -You will get less spam followers (unless your specific niche is kinda spammy). The fake follower accounts usually I see a lot in fitness, fashion, health, etc.
    -The value of your account and future shoutouts is MUCH higher than on saturated niches. Why? You simply have less competition. You could even MONOPOLIZE your niche!
    -And lastly you will have a lot more friendly followers when they see you took the time to make your own account stand out, and they might send you more submissions than in saturated niches

    Your results may differ depending on what you go for, but specificity is key. In MOST cases, it helps a lot.
    Also, please note, I used to do a lot of YT stuff. I made a good amount of money from gaming and community channels. I made 5-10x more on my specific channels. I was one of the first in the whole Vine craze of 2013, and quickly dominated the niche. It's ALWAYS better to DOMINATE something, even if it's small. Because you never know, one day it might grow thanks to your efforts when others see your results.. and then you'll make bank.

    Good luck to all in Instagram. And any other social media platform. This applies to everything, Fb, twitter, tumblr, etc.
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    You are partially right. I literally have the monopoly of a subniche on Instagram, but as always there are some pros and cons which i don't feel like listing now. Sometimes i would rather be a little account in any oversaturated niche, but whatever.