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    I am curious about other peoples experience in autoblogging. It would be interesting to hear the following types of information:

    How many do you have?
    Are they producing $$?
    Do you outsource?
    How long have you had them?
    Any other inspirational or informative info you may have about the subject.

    I will be starting my first autoblogs next week and Im sure there will be a learning curve, but I am ready to tough it out. I read "autoblog niche blueprint", and it seems very informative. It gets alittle complicated at the end, but I hope to figure it out and be making income soon!

    Thanks in advance
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    As you start to build out your first autoblogs, remember that in the beginning you will likely spend a lot of time trying to figure out what works best. Don't get oo caught up in 1 or 2 different blogs, build many. Most of the times, profitable autoblogging will be a numbers game. The more you have, the better your chance will be of finding what works. I think this goes for'll never truly know how well your site/blog will perform in any given niche until you start testing. So focus on building a few based on your market and keyword research. I've got many many autoblogs running profitably. Some make as low as or less than 1 dollar a day, some make me enough to live worry free on a monthly basis. Once you have a few setup correctly and running smoothly, you'll instinctively know which ones you need to put more effort into and improve/scale. Don't let anybody tell you they don't work (or do work, for that matter). Test your own theories as what works/doesn't work for others may not hold true for you or your skillset. Again, focus on building a handful for testing, don't put all your time into one, only to have it fail and come to the conclusion that there is no money here. Once you get quicker at building out the foundation, then focus on the content. Create content templates so that all the sources you pull from get mashed up, hence more unique.

    Good luck and have fun.
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