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Personal account w/ growth question

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by blissedignorance, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. blissedignorance

    blissedignorance Newbie

    Mar 1, 2015
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    Hello all,

    Its been a while since I first posted but I have a few questions I hope to get answered.

    First, I am referencing a personal account and my only instagram account. I have currently under 1000 followers, and have been using a telegram engagement group which has given me a lot of likes but very few if any additional followers.

    I am seeking to bring my account to around 5-10k followers MAXIMUM and would prefer to gain as many real ones as possible. I have had this account since Instagram came into existence, and it has been regularly used.

    My questions lie in the most suitable method to make this growth a reality. I do not want to be banned, nor do I want to lose my account in any way possible so I am a bit timid to use a bot at this point.

    What are my best possible methods for making this a reality? I have seen threads on followliker and mass planner, but am simply uncertain as to the current state of these bots.

    Thank you !
  2. MagicKaban

    MagicKaban Newbie

    Mar 20, 2017
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    1) research good hashtags related to your niche , if you dont want to spend time on that go to fiver.com and find someone who has a good rating who will do this for you.
    2) Use those hashtags in every post
    3) in instagram on your phone type in those hashtags and then see all the posts, like them and comment something relevant
    if your content is relevant then people will either like back or follow you

    This is the organic growth method i have used and so far it has been great.

    Then i switched over to a bot called archie.co , you can test it for 3 days for free.
    It only likes pictures and doesnt have the option as other bots to follow and comment - its very user friendly.
    So you give this bot users and hashtags who it will scrape and like for you.

    If your account is aged ( old as you say it is) then the chances of it taken down are minimal .

    Now i bought followliker and will test it with another account :) because followliker is more complex

    Hope this helps

    check out on udemy.com instagram courses - thats how i started