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Personal Account + Followliker settings/help/discussion?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by hezzahez, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. hezzahez

    hezzahez Junior Member

    Aug 9, 2013
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    Hey guys!!!

    So, I need some help/insight.
    I got a personal account running and I feel that I am hitting road-bumps after road-bumps....

    I started a new IG account 6 weeks ago and then probably a month ago I bought Followliker. I had around 1k followers and a pretty good engagement, then I was stupid and bought 1k real looking followers -- I was under the assumption that people will be more than likely to follow! In which some did but the engagement looked horrible on it..therefore I got a program which helped me to up a couple of my likes on some pictures..

    So now I am sitting on 2.6k followers and its been going really slow...here are my settings:

    Automation Interval 1 - 4 minutes

    Shuffle Tasks
    Retrieve existing.. - 300

    Scrape User Settings
    Scrape User Limit - 3
    Scrape only top result
    Ignore private users
    Ignore users with no profile picture

    Queries: FLC 3 accounts

    Scrape Photo Settings
    Scrape Photo Limit - 3
    Scrape only top result

    Queries: FLC 3 accounts (same as the above)

    Follow User Settings
    Follower to Following Ratio - 1.50
    Follow limit - 13-35
    Daily follow limit - 650-800
    Delay follow - 30-110 seconds

    Follow users who posted 0-7 days ago
    Follow users who have 0-1000 followers
    Follow users who have 0-1000 followings
    Ignore Private User

    Unfollow User Settings
    Unfollow after - 1 day
    Unfollow limit - 13-35
    Daily unfollow limit - 670-820
    Delay unfollow - 30-110 seconds
    Blacklist unfollowed users

    Like Photo Settings
    Like limit - 15-40
    Daily like limit - 2000-2100
    Delay like - 30-70 seconds

    I know the likes seem aggressive but I have been playing with it and pushing my account to the limit, but I have updated some of these settings from reading various threads...

    So I got a couple of questions;

    1. Do these settings look ok?
    2. How many queries do y'all put? Some say put as many, some say focus on a couple for a week then switch it up? - As the ones I am targeting have over a million active followers.
    3. Do you use tags? Even though some people just put as many tags to get likes?
    4. For the FLC function, how large are the accounts you target? 50k? 100k? 1m?

    I think these are some of the questions that I haven't found in this thread...thanks!