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Jan 2, 2010
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Recommend me a supplier?

or am i better buying the stock myself?
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I had a website up for a bit, reselling for FragranceX. It did decent around the holidays but close to nothing the rest of the year. It's been since converted to an Associate-O-Matic site still re-selling fragrances but through Amazon and does just as well w/o the upkeep and trying to keep inventory up to date. Cologne & Perfume is tough.... very little profit margin if you're trying to compete price wise. The main problem I found is that there are so many sites selling fake stuff for cheaper than you can even get the real stuff from somewhere like FragranceX, it makes it near impossible to compete.

Just wanted to tell you what I knew before you dive in and spend money marketing something that may or may not make it back....

Around the holidays, my success came from adwords marketing and carefully tracking sales through analytics to keep up with the ads that were making money and upping the money spent on those while constantly dropping or revising keyword that were losing money. It was a battle... :)

Anyhow.. I wish you luck with it.... hopefully you'll do better than I did.
I need a supplier too. Found fakes on dhgate but i need supplier from EU or US
PM regarding the small quantity amounts and prices. I'm game:cool:

I could purchase a large supply and sell small quantities to you from my inventory if you were serious about it.
PM regarding the small quantity amounts and prices. I'm game:cool:

Let me know what brands and stuff you are looking for. If I purchase in bulk, it will be sent to the U.S. and then you could start ordering small quantities, or even dropship.
i'm in perfume business from more than 2 years ago. just drop me a line. maybe i can help you. thanks
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I can offer high quality replica perfumes A+++ at great prices. PM who is interested.
I actually used to work in the perfume business (even had a site) and dealt with the same guys who sells to fragrancenet, if your interested in buying and stocking items then you can pm- cant really dropship since the guy can get wiped out of an entire line by bigger buyers pretty quickly
let me know if you need anymore supplier i aslo sell perfume really good money
Replica or authentic? If authentic can you offer EU delivery?
The profit margin is just not there unless you are selling replica at the price of real;)
yeah i can't see where the profit is here......
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