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    I am returning to the business after an extended injury/illness. I was just getting started a few years ago when I had to put everything on hold.

    I was in the process of learning about IM / SEO etc etc.

    I have/had a website that is ideal for what I believe is called Performance Based Marketing. Basically I give the product away for free in exchange for a completed survey/download/free trial etc.

    The problem is - I no longer have my research info and can't seem to locate the few companies that I had planned on signing up with as a publisher. I have searched and found Cactus Media but
    I don't think that was the one that thought was the best. ( sorry for the lack of memory )

    So I have 2 questions:

    1) Has anyone had good success with this? It seems that this would be a great way to market my product .

    2) Any suggestions on good companies to sign up with?

    Thank you very much for your help. I apologize for sounding like super newbie but am just having trouble gaining some of my memory back.