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Sep 10, 2009
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Ok so I was scanning some pages on the weekend which I own and I see people spamming the shit out of this Malware doctor...

It pisses me off that people are using these methods to get money from FB because really it hurts the people who want to get money via something more clean like CPA.

I can see in the near future Facebook will restrict all external links to only accepted sites in a list, and block all new sites.

your thoughts? I know their is big money to be made with Malware but shit its annoying as ******** and its going to hurt every one else doing business on FB.
I agree, it seems like the reason why we IMers have to constantly be keeping up with changes is because of these retards that exploit the systems to the most extreme degree possible like clockwork.

Its as though a group of people see a new opportunity and say, "hey, lets destroy this and have the doors closed for EVERYONE"

Almost as if it were a conspiracy, as I can't imagine anyone would be that stupid or couldn't see the consequences.

Had people left shit alone this whole time, we would still be in business for a majority of avenues and techniques, as there wouldn't be a "pandemic" that needed to be addressed ASAP. We would still probably be able to make Squidoo Lenses and Wordpress would probably still be do-follow, etc. Hell, Google wouldn't need to change their algo 400 times a day.

I think every year IM gets more difficult, exponentially.
few bad ones will make it bad for ever one rest for sure..

sad but true
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