Penny auction script

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    Greetings BHW

    I am looking for a penny auction script I remember seeing one hiiraan blackhatworld but cannot find it now. I am working on a method that would like to test it if someone has the script could you please let me know.

    After reading the posts and searching for The Script I noticed that the penny auction are out-of-date possibly. Butt like I said I have a method in mind and I would really like to try it so someone has to script could you please forward it to me.

    And please save me the negative comments as for when I search for what I'm looking for there were a lot of negative comments about the penny script.

    The first person that will help me get the script I will cut you in for a piece of the pie all I'm looking for is the script but will be willing to help the person that help me out by sending them up with something.

    Thank you everyone