Penguin vs panda. Comparison on Time to understand?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by djc225, May 18, 2012.

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    I wasn't following seo when panda hit? Did it take this long to figure out what panda was all about and how to overcome it? I ask because I see lots of threads with people offering different advice on penguin and it's clear that there is not yet full understanding of what works yet. Just wondering how long it took to come to consensus last time there was a major update?
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    We already knew it was coming, Just like this one. It's all pretty much common sense stuff. Think to yourself, what would YOU do, to stop BH sites? Implement some of those ideas and test it out. But, we literally know these things are gonna hit. We all know what we "do wrong", so we know what the cause is pretty quick.

    I'd say penguin is pretty mapped out at this point.

    As far as some of the VERY specific stuff, idk, might be 3 months until we figure out SUPER specifics eg: Don't do this, this this and this in this order or its sure death.

    Just my opinion on it. If you are wondering how long it takes to test, eh prob 3 months. You gotta make your test sites, get through the honeymoon period etc. Many of us actually have active test sites going at ALL TIMES and monitor. They use different strategies, so, when one site gets hit, and another doesn't, we get a good idea from that as well.

    Best thing I can say, is.. Use common sense and don't think about what works today, think about what will work tomarrow and in the future. Also, you might not always get a clear indication of WHAT WORKS, but you may get a VERY clear understanding of WHAT DOESN'T WORK.
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    Just about the time you find yourself able to deal with the changes in SERPS, The Big G will change them again. It is all about The Big G and nothing else. IM started with a method and that method will be the savior of the IMers who are smart enough to figure it out.

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