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    It is very important for a webpage to get lower bounce rate.

    This is very good search engine scheme to evaluate the page. When a web page is searched in search engine and people open the page and suddenly go back (bounce) to search engine results again then it shows to search engine that the page does not have good information for users.

    It happens many times and visitors do not invest time in your page then the page will be ignoring by search engine and search engine will make lower the ranking.

    Your page must be having good information according to search engine algorithm otherwise your page will be ignored.

    Simply sales page will get lower position (According to new updates)

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    Hum, bounce rate isn't taken much into consideration actually.

    Pogosticking is though.

    Reason : Bounce Rate is the rate of the visitors who bounce. (Impressive right ? :p) Basically, Google knows that if you go to a specific page you are interested only by it and you'll bounce more likely after you grab what you need.

    However, Pogosticking is seriously taken into consideration when it happens often and especially when the SEO power gap is thin between 2 competitors.

    Pogosticking is when you type a query you go to the first result, then you bounce back right away to the results page and you go to the second result but you stay there. Well that's a strong signal which say that site 2 is better than site 1, especially if it happens more than once.

    Some bot could be developped in that way, but it wouldn't work all the time. You can't do that to wikipedia for instance. As usual, it is within among a sum of weight factors.
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    sounds good ,i will try