[Penguin Case Study In Progress] - What do you think is good on-site SEO?

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    So over the past month, I have been conducting a case study in which I'm finding out how Penguin helped some sites while destroying others. A lot of people say that they dropped rankings like crazy, but the fact is that for every person that went down in the rankings, there was someone else who went up in the rankings.

    To do this, I have created a program which analyzes many aspects of a website, including the pages of content, domain name, keyword density, outgoing links, social aspects such as Facebook integration, Twitter, etc., backlinks gathered from many sources (which it will then classify), and other factors, which are then converted into a proposed score (where a high score indicates the program thinks it is ranked high, and a low score indicates it is ranked poorly). At first, the results were far from close, but I've created a system whereby if I tell the program what its actual rank for a proposed keyword is, it will change how it looks at those scores. One or two changes won't affect it much, but after analyzing hundreds of authority websites, it is obvious that there are some changes that have occurred, and I'm not ready to release exactly what changes I've seen, because I want to make sure I'm looking at all aspects of SEO before I can tell you what I've found is common in #1 ranked websites.

    So my question to you is what makes for good on-site SEO? This is probably the easiest part to integrate into analyzing a website, so I've left it for last.

    Also, if you would like to take part and help in this case study and you have a website that used to rank well for a keyword, but was taken over by another website post-Penguin, and you are ok with telling me the keyword and your website, PM me the website and keyword, because it will help me better understand how Penguin works, and it will help the production and release of my program which can help crack open Penguin (Yes, it's big dreaming, but it is possible). Thank you.
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