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    Understand that google does penalise for content duplication. At my site, I have a tutorial teaching some tricks. I also plan to copy exactly all the contents from the page into a pdf file. I plan to add more "exclusive info" & of cos affiliates on my pdf file. Will that penalise my site? Maybe a better question will be, if my pdf attachment link is on the same page, and is giving 100% the same info, does the text contents in the pdf gets crawled and hence slapped a penalty due to duplication?
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    no, it wont affect your site. Though Google reads and indexes downloadables (.pdf, .doc, .ppt), they don't treat those as typical duplicate content. Besides, if the .pdf file is located in the same page where the duplicate content is, you can block google from indexing it.

    Assuming your .pdf files are under one directory, something like: /files, just use a robots.txt command to block google from accessing this directory:
    Disallow: /files

    *I would put all my .pdf files under a unique directory dedicated to .pdf files only, and block it.
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