PBNs pointing to whitehat backlinks


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Jul 25, 2016
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Hi, I am a newbie and i am building my new website and is beginning to compete in the search engine.
My main objective of the website is to continuously make it bigger for as long as possible.
Thanks to many seniors here, I found many useful resources.

Most guides here talk about using web2.0 or pbn as tier 1, followed by social signals and 301 on below tiers.

As i am brainstorming for more safer methods, the following plan came to my mind. I am not sure whether anyone has done this before, or whether it will work at all.

That is my purpose for opening this thread. Hope some seniors here will advise whether this will work, and whether it is worth it to build it this way.


Details about the method:
Step 1: Spend a good amount of time "earning" legit backlinks from quality blog commenting(follow ones), forum postings, guest posts, wiki links, edu links, and any other natural links that may come along. I treat these as my tier 1. Also setup official social media pages for added awareness.

Step 2: After the site has accumulated a good number of legit (but not so strong) backlinks, buy some pbn links and web 2.0 to point them to the tier 1 pages that contain my link, with the aim to power up these links.

The purpose of doing this is because these tier 1 links do not belong to me, and are usually blogs or forums that belongs to another person. Thus i use them as a "buffer" to prevent myself from getting slapped by google, because i dun point those pbns directly at myself.

The only question i have now is, is it worth it to buy pbn links to point at those weak tier 1?
Thanks in advance for your help everyone!


Mar 25, 2013
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Your Tier 1 is wrong and won't pass the link juice.

Your tier 1 should mainly be contextual links, nothing is wrong with tier 1 blog comments or forum post but DO NOT TIER LINK TO THEM. You are wasting link juice.

ONLY tier link to CONTEXTUAL links.