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    Hi all, I've just started to build a PBN, but I'm still not sure about the content. Let's say the expired domain was about video games and has backlinks from sites in that niche - my money site is about coffe makers. How should I add content to the PBN? Can I copy/paste few articles from wayback machine about computer games and then insert a post about coffe machines with link to my website? Or maybe all the posts should be about games, and one with paragraph like "my PC is so slow I made myself a coffe in the loading time using my fabolous coffe maker, check out this website if you are thinking about buying one"? Or maybe completely give up on games niche content and add articles only about coffe makers on all PBN domains?
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    There are different ways of adding content to a PBN:
    1. You can get the article from archive.org. This is a good way of getting 100% unique and readable content. Nearly no work, but a manual reviewer might realise this strategy very fast. Anf of course, the content is not relevant at all
    2. If you want to have relevant content you can forget about the gaming and only create articles about coffee makers. More work, more relevance. But same problem here: A manual reviewer might realise this strategy very fast.
    3. You can combine the first two strategies. Here is how i would do this:

    - I would write an article of a simulation game where you are the owner of a coffee shop.
    - You dont need to invent a game, just search for "coffee shop game reviews" and rewrite those articles
    - I would place the link in a sentence like"This game is for free and sponsored/developed by Coffee Makers(link)"