Paypro Global -- Liars, Cheats, or knuckleheads?

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    January 31 From us:

    Hey so we're pretty satisfied with PayPro so far and are going to start sending all our traffic in feb. That will amount to about $50,000/mo in sales, please make sure everything is compliant to your terms.

    Kindest Regards,

    January 31 From Paypro:

    ***2 weeks later and $15,000 of traffic invested***

    February 10th From Paypro:

    February 13th from Paypro: (Right before payout is scheduled)

    February 13th from us:

    What exactly is the issue? Your reasons are incredibly vague.

    Kindest Regards,

    February 14th From Paypro:

    February 14th From us:

    We are not aware of any such investigation and find it hard to believe that if there were they would inquire with you after we had only been processing for 2 weeks and not ask us for information.

    Please inform us what department is investigating us so we can establish contact with them.

    Also, are you sure it wasn't an angry customer or prank caller mad that you put an authorization hold for the rebill on their card when the terms state free-trial? That seems highly likely.

    Kindest Regards,

    Feb 15th
    No further response from paypro...

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    Dear Sir,

    We are very sorry that our collaboration had to come to such an end. But this happened due to several reasons:

    You have ignored our prohibited list of products that we agree to support according to the terms and conditions of the PayPro Reseller Agreement (Exhibit B). The prohibited products that fall under your category are:

    • Financial services and of any type including and not limited to financial advice, all types of trading,
    insurance, currency exchange, currency trading, forex advice and signals, and payment services.

    PayPro Global as a reseller in some instances has to make a hard decision to stop reselling a product. In this case we had numerous customer complains in regards to your business and in one instance a customer said that she filed a fraud report to the police in regards to your company. We can't confirm if this in fact happened. Due to numerous complains, we took the hard decision to stop reselling your product, a decision we are fully entitled to execute.

    For more information, you can consult our Reseller Agreement, that can be found on our website in the Legal Section.

    According to your case and the Reseller Agreement, PayPro Global is entitled to close your account without any prior notification (Article 12 a). But we made a few steps towards you and gave you 48 hours to find an alternative solution before we terminated our collaboration.

    We deeply regret the fact that you have come to spread misleading information online about our service that so many software and digital goods vendors around the globe keep praising. It would make more sense to contact us if you genuinely wanted to sort this out, instead of spreading unfounded allegations against us, trying to damage our good name. This is why we will not participate any further is this discussion.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Best Regards,

    PayPro Global Team
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    So what was the outcome of these posts? OP can you explain your position please?