PayPal question regarding public verification

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by 2tallj88, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster, but I can see myself being around for a long time! I've spent so many years dealing with PayPal BS I feel like I know my way around most of it by now but now I've got a issue I'm not familiar with.

    I Had an account before, (years ago when younger) and it went negative and got shut down. That one was like keeping to my social. Recently (about six months ago) I got another and had it for quite some time. I was running my business off of it. I exceeded 20k in sales, they held a huge order, I wasn't able to build the order because they had the money, long story short they set me up for failure and caused a domino affect leaving the PayPal nearly a grand in the red...

    Third time around now with new everything from Address to bank. All legit. New EIN number and now I'm given the option to go through public verification to release my 21 day hold. If I do it they release $875. If I don't I wait 7 days or 21 days depending on what they feel like doing.

    IF I do the public verification does it automatically link me to my past accounts?

    I Already had to type in the last four of my social in addition to my EIN number but that's because PayPal'a website wouldn't allow me to navigate until I did that. At the time (earlier today) I had a few hundred dollars in there so my hand was forced...

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    It does increase your chances of linked dramatically. If you are linked, it may take months to shut you down or they may just leave the account but never increase limits.