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    Someone bought my account on one of the biggest affiliate site around. He asked me to make a paypal invoice and send it over to him. I send him an invoice with terms included that it is a digital products/services and that he is not entitled for any refund. He paid using his unverified account with payment type as instant.

    He then asked for the affiliate account details. I requested him for a purchase confirmation as per paypal recommendation. I go over to order status window and selected order processed. But, he told me that there's no confirmation for it. Now, In my paypal recent activity, the order status for it is still "In process".

    I don't want to prolong our business deal and it seems he is a nice guy (BHW newbie member) but I just want to be sure that all is in good order so that to avoid any hassle once I turnover to him my affiliate account. This is my first time to encounter this so I'm asking anyone if you happen to experience this and what can you give advice based on it? Should I still wait for his order confirmation or just ignore it and send to him my account details? Please see attached printscreen of paypal Order status . Thank you.

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    I believe if its a big payment you are gonna have to wait for a bit :) my 2 cents :)
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    yes if a large transaction I think it goes into pending or something, when you do it the invoice route.