Paypal, LR phishing site ranked 2nd on Google

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    I was desperately looking for an exchange agency to exchange LR with Paypal.

    All the agencies recommended by LR are very troublesome to use, they require bank transfer or IC...

    So I googled: paypal to liberty reserve

    Then, on 2nd position, is this site:

    They asks for a lot of info while signup: 1st email, 2nd email, password, PP email, LR account....

    I use a non-secured password for my LR (not using it frequently, and not much money inside it), and use that same password to sign up for the sign.

    Then they say they'd send $1 to my LR to confirm. And redirect me to a LR exactly-look-a-like page. I was half-way entering my other LR details like PIN,....

    But luckily, they couldn't show my LR welcome message. So I feel weird, I check the domain. And yes, it's not LR domain......

    So I stopped everything.... And I also waited to see if any guy would try to loging to my LR.

    And he did. But he was using a different IP, so a PIN was sent to my email, to confirm. He couldn't get into my email, because I use a diffrent password....

    I was almost scammed. The site looks very legit. And the domain is nice.
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    Good tip. Thanks for posting.