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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by sciflee, Apr 3, 2012.

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    So my name and address is basically banned from paypal. I can never lift my limitations anymore because I probably made 10+ accounts on paypal. I don't want to use stealth accounts as well. So my question is, I want to pay for something online. Would it be possible if I attach my debit card onto paypal, and pay the person, and then take out the debit card afterwards? The reason why is because I don't want the paypal account to get limited along with my debit card. Would the payment go through and would it be reversed because I took the debit card out of the paypal account right after I paid?
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    As long as your card is not attached to a PayPal account and has not been attached to one before, you should be able to pay without an account. Have them invoice you and on the payment page, just say you don't have an account. Then you can just enter your billing info like normal.

    If your card is blocked from PayPal, go to the gas station and get a nFinanse prepaid debit card. It's like $3.. You will have to register it to use it online, but that takes a few minutes. Then you have a new debit card which is not attached to any PayPal info.
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    if your in UK can u get one of those ^^ prepaid cards?