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Paypal Limitation Help UK..

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by ryzzthebizz, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. ryzzthebizz

    ryzzthebizz Newbie

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Hi, Basically my paypal account has become limited after a few refunds, and big withdrawals from betting (Nothing illegal has been done) I have been in contact with Paypal staff over the phone and they have basically said (I am too risky to work with for online payments so I can never be allowed to use paypal again).

    Now I have read every almost every post on the internet about creating a new account etc but they are all from 2014 etc. No updated new methods or anything.

    Now my situation is with my current account I have logged in the 2 locations I will always been using for internet so they will have my IP for both them locations, I am soon to setup a business account at the bank for my new business which will be started in the next few months and I am needing a fully working Paypal account for this.

    Can anyone give me advice on the steps available please?

    (The best advice I have read from an old post is to create the business bank account at the bank, then create a business account on paypal but with an altered name, different email and different IP and a different address)

    However the only problem I can see with that is if I log in to my new account in one of the 2 destinations I have always used they will log it as me?

    EDITED: Also if they ban you for withdrawing big amounts etc, how can I stop my future business account from getting limited if im recieving loads of payments and then withdrawing it to my bank?

    I appreciate any help from anyone that reads this and responds as I am in quite an awkward situation right now and NEED an online Paypal account working to accept payments.