Paypal And Their Virtual Terminal

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    I have had a few problems with late payers so wanted to offer the facility to get some of my late payers to settle their accounts over the phone. It something I wanted to put into place as quickly as possible. Contacted my bank was informed that it could take anything up to five weeks for a virtual terminal in otherwords payment over the telephone. So looked at paypal was informed that it can be as quick as a week so went through the process and supplied all the relevant documents. Went through Gaypals validation process supplying personal data to strangers. Got the news on Firday that I was cleared and validated so thought great another way of getting my clients to pay on time.

    This morning got an email informing me I had paid upfront for a service I dont even use yet no problem as we have been approved no problem with them keeping twenty percent of the payment for the first three months for 90 days no problem at all. What I do take exception to is having my account limited phoned up and cancelled straight away aviod this service like the plague.

    Its a waste of time and effort. Bollocks to gaypal it will be the last time I use them in future all business will through the bank and you can shuv your fees up your arse as well
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    Paypal is garbage! I use merchant warehouse and they are fantastic. I have a virtual terminal that I use, and it's $7.95 a month. They do have a $25/mo. minimum so you have to hit $25, or they will charge you both the $7.95+$25. Still not too bad, but $25 a month should be a joke for any business to make in a month. There are NO set-up fees, and I think their rates are around 1.5%+$0.20-$0.30 per transaction.

    My credit sucks and they approved me. I was up and running in a day or two. You can cancel at anytime without a penalty, and you can take credit cards through your website for another $5 a month or so. Check them out if you are still looking. Good Luck.
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