paypal accounts hacked -- what should i do?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by babypowder, May 25, 2013.

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    So, I feel like a super idiot for even starting this thread.... but here we go.

    so along with my many stealth accounts -- i buy "real" accounts when possible. Aged accounts with feedback, history, real person, social etc.

    I don't buy hacked accounts. I buy them from people I know, and usually make them sign a notarized contract.

    Well, I got lazy a few weeks ago, and purchased an ebay and paypal from a friend of a friend.

    I was able to call in with all the info and get limits super high. I took all the precautions I usually do -- and changed his gmail pw, all the secret quesitons, phone numbers emails etc. i linked all need stuff to it. I hadn't linked a bank account yet, just been too busy/lazy. I had read a message from pp right when i got the account saying the new paypal debit card was sent out and returned due to wrong address, and that you'd have to wait until your old one expired to request a new one. I never paid attention, just figured he didn't ahve that card -- he doesn't have anyway to use it.

    well, today of course while i'm on a freakin island with hardly any service, he decides he's going to try and spend my money. He takes out the max from the atm, then makes purchases for the POS max, then logged in, and withdrew teh rest to the bank account linked on the account (his old one, i assume).

    by the time i got service to try to take back over account. he's changed all the gmail info - ebay and paypal -- everything. I'm sitting here, just like wow. almost 5 figured in total.

    Now, technically it's HIS account, so idk if i can do anything legally. i don't have a contract this time, but i do have all the texts where we talk about me buying the account from him, after i bought it, asking him security questions etc. so i def havev SOME proof.

    I have all his personal info, (although i don't think a current address) name, numbers, social, bank info etc...

    Any idea best way to go about fixing this?

    Blah :(
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    Yeah ... if you want to make recovery the second most important thing in you life -- OK. But make the most important thing not losing your focus. Go make money. Enough money that this stupidity won't matter in the big picture.
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    What you did using someones account is against PayPal's terms of service and no contract or chat records would hold up in court
    or anywhere else. Besides real like action like intimidation (not recommending) there is not anything you can do but not do it again.
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    You know what they say, easy come easy go...
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    How can an account get hacked unless the previous owner did it? If you used solid password, good security questions etc no way can someone hack it unless the previous owner or maker of the account did it. Chances are 1 in a million to ever get into another paypal if set up correctly.