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Sep 27, 2009
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I contacted cj about my payment. my balance hasnt moved. then they send this email

Commission Junction is currently investigating your account and has the following inquiries regarding your promotional methods:

We are receiving spam complaints about your traffic involving Your risk having your account removed. We are documenting this now.

Please respond by replying to this specific e-mail within 5 days of the mailing date.

Please note that current or pending payout(s) may be placed on hold pending notification from you and Commission Junction's confirmation of your full compliance.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please reply to this email using the provided reply-to address and leave the subject line intact.

Network Compliance

then they answered my question with this

We have multiple spamming complaints about your traffic. Unless you can end that quickly and completely, you will have to be removed.

and then they sent this

This communication shall serve as notice to you that Commission Junction is exercising its right to terminate the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement it has entered into with you in 15 days from the date of this notice.

Therefore, 15 days from the date of this notice, your account with Commission Junction will be terminated and will no longer be active. Please remove all links/ banners within 15 days of this notice because you will no longer be authorized to post such links/banners and receive any compensation for referrals through such links/banners after 15 days of this notice.

Additionally, during this 15-day notice period, if you violate the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement you agreed to follow, your account may be immediately terminated, prior to the end of the notice period, in Commission Junction's sole discretion, transactions may be reversed from your account ("charged-back"), and any attempt to rejoin the Commission Junction Network shall be null and void.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please reply to this email using the provided reply-to address and leave the subject line intact.

Network Compliance

now do you think im going to get my direct deposit payment or do you think im out money?

edit: do you know of any affiliate sites that allow spam traffic. and anyone know how cj got these spamming complaints?
i'm doing some email campaign in promote cj offer, i hope i'm not gonna end like u.
Well, let me share my story with you. I was having an outstanding a/c (about 1 year back). It was earning about 3k/month for last 2 years. I was generating incentivized leads since the begining of that a/c. Then about 1 year back, CJ came to know about the incentives I was giving SO they closed my a/c BUT I got paid my balance money. Then again I opened a new a/c at cj and start producing incentivized leads AGAIN but this time with faking the referer, then AGAIN they come to know about this (after about 7 months of starting this new a/c), and they disabled my a/c saying that my activities are suspicious. Then I send them Fax and emails (lots of time) and also talked to them personally. I kept calling and sending them mails and faxes, for about 1 month and finally, they agreed to pay my my balance and it reached me within 8-9 days. Yes, my a/c again got closed but I successfully managed to get my balance. Actually, I did not left any footprints SECOND TIME so even they have suspicion regarding my a/c, but they could not prove anything wrong related to my a/c AND this way I managed to f@ck them off twice. Offcourse, Im now running their campaigns NOW also with another a/c and the story is still on.......
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i'm doing some email campaign in promote cj offer, i hope i'm not gonna end like u.
Cover your tracks and you should be fine. CJ is a good company, and having one account with them comes in handy :)
i didnt do email and i didnt do cookie stuffing.

what i did was i posted my landing page all over on cl. they came from cl to my landing page which is 1 paragraph and a banner and they click on banner they have one of my landing pages and they said they got several spam complaints. did cl turn me in to them. how did people find out im using cj.
CL is blackhat per CJ TOS.

This came to me in an email from CJ when they had an issue with some of my traffic. I didn't lose my account but that advertiser told me to hit the road so I no longer have them.

Publishers may not place affiliate links/tracking code, nor promote Web sites that contain affiliate links/tracking code, in or on third-party: forums, message boards, blog comment areas, classified advertisement services (such as

It also cost me a couple of thousand in commissions as they didn't pay me for that advertisers sales.

Fortunately I was at about 9700.00 for the month with all my advertisers so it didn't really hurt that much.
i understand cl is not allowed. but they said i was spamming they dont know where. anyone know of any affiliates that are ok with cl traffic?

edit: will i get paid for last months commissions that should be paid on 20th i have direct deposit. i didnt get it yet but they sent me email on 20th saying this.
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