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    I have received quite a few PM?s lately and seen this in a few threads so here it is?.
    How to pay your eBay fees and do it safely.

    This is assuming that you have set up a STEALTH ebay.

    When you have an eBay account that is doing well you must pay your fees in order to keep that account doing well.
    This is what I do on all of my accounts.
    I have accounts selling items everyday and have been for OVER 1 YEAR.
    I have a Deluxe Gift Card as my default credit card on file.
    The funds have run out on this card about 10 months ago.
    As long as you pay your fees BEFORE the date that eBay automatically tries to collect them from your card on file they will NEVER know that the card on file is a dead card.
    I go to Walgreens every month and purchase a few $100 Yellow gift2go cards.
    I then log into the gift2go web site and load the correct eBay user information onto the card I want to use.
    Then I log into the separate user account I have set up on my computer for this account.
    Then I use AOL Dial-Up to gain access to the Internet.
    Then I use my regular web browser to log into my eBay account I want to pay the fees on.
    I go to the ?Seller Account? > ?One Time Payment? > ?Pay with your credit card? > ?Use a different Card?
    This is where you enter the card numbers and Card Identification Number for the yellow gift2go card you have loaded the information onto.
    I enter the card # and the 3 digit code on the back and the amount I want to pay.
    Amount has to be less than the card value or equal to it.
    Poof? My eBay fees are paid and I have NO PROBLEMS.
    I do NOT use my paypal account to pay my fees for other reasons that I will not get into.

    This routine has worked for me for a long time and I stand by it.
    If you have a different way that works for you then good. This is mine.

    ADDED on March 18. 2009

    But you ask.... WHY??????

    In order to sell on eBay 90% of us MUST link a verified Paypal to our eBay account....
    We all know this.
    eBay does this so that they can check your identity.
    They use your Identity Information from Paypal to check the identity.

    IF you do pay your eBay fees with your Paypal accounts here is what can happen:

    Version 1:
    If you set your eBay account to automatically pay its fees with your Paypal account you will lose.
    If your account goes NARU eBay will STILL attempt to collect their outstanding fees through Paypal.
    But you were smart and kept your Paypal account empty.... Right?
    Paypal will pay eBay and your account will go into the negative.
    Now your Paypal account is in the negative.
    Your Bank account that is attached to this Paypal account will get hit by Paypal for its outstanding balance.
    But you were smart and kept that Bank Account empty of funds.... Right?
    So when Paypal attempts to get their money there is none there.
    You have now been hit with a over-draft fee by your bank. Somewhere between $10 and $40.
    Paypal will keep doing this to you account in order to recover their funds.
    Sometimes up to 5 times before they stop... If they do.
    Each time you get hit with a over-draft fee.
    Now your Bank Account is in the negative. BAD NEWS for you because your account is in your REAL NAME.
    Now you have to pay the bank.
    All of this could have been avoided by just paying your eBay fees with a Pre-Paid Credit Card.

    Version 2:
    If you just pay your fees with Paypal and do not have it set for automatic withdraw.
    If your account goes NARU eBay can STILL attempt to collect their outstanding fees through Paypal.
    Because that is your base payment method of choice.
    eBay will attempt to charge your Paypal account for any and all outstanding fees when you account goes NARU.
    Just the same way that they would attempt to charge your credit card you have on file for these outstanding fees.
    See above for the finishing steps you have to deal with.

    ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
    You have also provided eBay with another direction to link you.
    If the information in your Paypal account does not match your eBay information that is bad.
    If you make a mistake and pay from the wrong Paypal account that is REALLY bad.
    But the entire idea behind the "Stealth Account" is to provide eBay with no information aside from the minimum required.
    If you pay your eBay fees with your Paypal account you are adding to your eBay information file and that is not good.
    Do not link your Paypal Financial Information to eBay.
    The less eBay knows the better off you are.

    Now if you would have NEVER paid eBay with Paypal none of these things could ever happen.
    I am not saying that they will happen every time a account goes NARU.
    I am not saying that it will happen to 1 out of 10 accounts.
    The above listed scenarios could happen to you... And have happen to me before in the past.
    Remember the only advise that I post are situations that have happened to me in 1 way or another in my eBay history.
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