are they ok?


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Oct 13, 2011
Hi all,

i did try to search the forum for answer but i only find 2 years old post and i like to get fresh info here.
is ok ? i did find a product there that fit well to my money site and like to promote it but when i search this forum then i see the waters is devided and some say it is good other say it is allmost a scam?

are they getting better over the last few years?

another thing... when you promote those product from CB or PDC do you url short the affiliate url so google dont see it or is it not necessary?

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I promoted some products from paydotcom about 6 months ago and didn't have any problems.
I use them regular on this blog=> and I have never had any problems with them. They are really great to use and I actually prefer them over ClickBank or CJ
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