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    Anyone ever heard of them?
    I followed a tweet to them other day and they look kind of interesting.
    What is it?
    Why you should join?
    Your Job.
    Well after a few tweets and a couple of fb status updates my accounts
    already at a couple of hundred dollars.
    I'm sceptical that I'm ever going to see any money from them as I don't see
    how they can possibly last giving money away like that plus the fact you
    can't withdraw yet and can only transfer funds between members.
    But who knows?
    Make up your own mind, It hasn't cost me a penny so far and it's fun to see
    my balance going up everyday.

    Shameless (cos I'm a moneysucking whore) affiliate link.
    And with a bit of luck we might actually get a real alternative to paypal soon.