Pay-Per-View (PPV) Basic Explanation

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    1) What is PPV

    PPV stands for Pay-Per-View. When people hear that they automatically think it?s the same thing as CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) advertising. It?s not! Pay per View means you pay every time your landing page is viewed. Although that sounds like PPC it?s different because to view your landing page no one is clicking. Your landing page is appearing in a popup.

    How Does Someone See A PPV Ad?

    PPV ads are typically served as a result of adware being installed on a user?s computer. If you advertise on a PPV ad network you are essentially advertising within adware. When the user takes a specific action within their browser, such as searching or going to a URL, a new instance of their browser opens up with your landing page in it. You are charged every time this happens.

    So How Does PPV Work From An Advertisers Perspective?

    PPV works similar to Adwords. You input a destination URL and then you bid on either keywords or URL?s. If you are bidding on the word ?Affiliate Marketing? and the user goes to Google and searches for ?Affiliate Marketing,? a new instance of their browser will open and your landing page will display in front of the window they were using to perform their search. If they are interested, they continue on your landing page and hopefully perform the desired action, if not they close the window.

    2) Why You Should Use Pay Per View Advertising

    Pay Per View (PPV) advertising is developing a large fan club. That?s not happening by accident, either. There are a number or reasons to adore this potentially high-profit means of marketing. Let?s examine three of the reasons marketers from multiple niches are falling in love with PPV.

    Limited Competition

    At one time, Pay Per Click advertising was the cash cow of the day. It was possible to secure traffic at extremely low per click prices and one could experience a staggering return on their ad spend investment with Adwords and other PPC options.

    URL Targeting.

    PPV advertising allows you to bid on keywords used as part of search queries, much in the same manner as PPC. It also provides an additional option. You can bid on the actual URLs surfers may opt to visit. It?s hard to overestimate how valuable that unique wrinkle can be.

    You can choose to display your offers when people visit your competitor?s sites! You can opt to serve your ads in ideal situations. You?re not just hoping that you hit upon ?buying keywords?, you can actually target real buying pages.

    Smart PPV advertisers make URL bidding the centerpiece of their campaigns. They find the right contexts in which to present their offers and bid on those URLs. The results can be staggering. When you put the right offer in the right place, it?s possible to generate amazing outcomes that beat anything you can hope to imagine with straight keyword bidding.

    Limited Restrictions.

    If you?ve been involved with PPC advertising, you know how annoying it can be to work in a very restrictive environment. Take Google?s mega-popular Adwords program, the undisputed king of PPC. The content of your ads is tightly regulated. Your landing pages are scrutinized and assigned arbitrary ?quality scores? that influence campaign pricing. They don?t like affiliate offers. They don?t like bridge pages. They won?t allow ads in many niches.

    PPC isn?t like that. You can create the offers you want and you don?t need to worry about being hamstrung by a serious of unnecessary regulations and restrictions.

    Those are just three of the many reasons why many marketers love PPV. It?s a marketing option that provides great potential.

    3) What Does PPV Cost?

    In most cases it costs .015 ? .02 cents per view (depends on niche).

    4) What are the best PPV networks ?

    1.) Trafficvance
    2.) LeadImpact
    3.) AdOn Network

    If you want detail explanation about PPV, just download the document below. It's a good read and help you start a journey with PPV :)

    Download it here :

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