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    Hi guys n gals,

    Im new here but have been here a few times in the past reading up and also on other websites. I have a bit of a background with affiliate marketing but have never done anything with lead generation websites or marketing so Im looking for some advice if anyone can help.

    I have a small team here in the Uk and we are looking to set up several membership websites that will be offering short term loans and some other services to our members. The websites will be setup to capture our members personal data then point them in the direction to lenders. We will be looking to send these to affiliate offers or our own lenders that we team up with.

    What help or advice Im looking for is how to generate leads for our website. I have looked into PPC, jobs on elancer, freelancer and so on, and possibly buying them from websites like T3leads. Can anyone suggest a better way to generate leads to sign up with our website?

    We may also be looking to make our membership websites chargeable, we may be looking to charge a fee for our services in the future. This will be a small amount for partnering them up with loan providers.

    At the moment we are in the early stages of this venture and we are still bouncing ideas around. We are not sure the best way to accept these payments here in the UK and also how to generate our leads. Once we have the leads we have a few ways with which we can monetize them but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.