Password Expiracy Error

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    Apr 21, 2009
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    Every 362 days BHW makes you change your password, which is fine I guess (but annoying if you ask me and could likely be turned off with no problems).

    When that 362nd day came around it wouldn't let me login. Like when I would login it would bring me to an error page. It was like this for like 2 weeks. I finally decided to try logging in and getting the error but before clearing the cookies, going to a different area than the home page. It told me I needed to change my password and I was able to do so and now the error is fixed.

    I'm running the latest version of FireFox, whatever that is.

    Maybe remove the required password change, or try to find out what the error is. Sorry, I didn't think to take screenshots. Just making you aware of the error to make it convenient for others when they get to the 362 days and to prevent users from leaving because they couldn't figure out how to get in.