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    In my head mostly. Not a nice place.
    I hope this is the right section because it's not really an affiliate program yet.

    Here is what I am working on. I have created a membership site for teaching online marketing.

    I had a bit of a brainstorm last night and decided I wanted to try something different with the site. Something greater than I can do with it on my own.

    I would like to find 50 people interested in partnering with me. I would like to find as many unique view points, and methods for online marketing as I can. In order to create a site that is more than worth what people pay. The sum being greater than the individual components essentially.

    Here is the skinny.

    Working through me you make posts on the site. I already have growing traffic base of about 10,000 visits a month, I have only been adding content to the site for 3.
    You add your affiliate links to the posts of course.
    It will more or less function as a guest article/post situation till I can add the affiliate program to the site.

    Once the affiliate program is in place you will also be able to add content to the membership areas, as I would not ask you to contribute without compensation. You will be able to use your affiliate links there as well, with two rules.
    One I am promoting a few things in the back end already, no duplicates of those. I will not add anything new of mine, new items will be yours to promote. Second, I only want things promoted in the back end that are actually time savers, and very useful. If you wouldn't use it. Don't ask me to promote it.

    I will set the affiliate commission at 50% one it is set up.

    So, the situation I want to create is one where you are not really affiliates. You are partners in the site. You get 50% of every membership sold. You get to add to the memberships to ensure they are of the highest possible quality.

    I don't really know how to express the vision I see for this venture any better. The idea of a communal partnership site appeals to me a great deal, and I see the potential as enormous.

    I am only setting up 50 of these partner memberships, as I don't want to have too many people in the honey pot. Everyone else will have to send in an application and pay 150$ if accepted, minus any other membership, to get in.

    I hope you can see that I am serious, and that there is much potential in this idea. I don't always communicate my thoughts as well as I would like to.

    The Site is Blogging For Money Masterplan. The front page right now has all the details.

    :rolleyes: I can;t think of anything else to say except "Carpe diem quam minime credula postero"

    Edit: Thought I would add some of my reasons for this idea.

    Mainly it's because I have never bought an affiliate product for online marketing I was completely okay with. I always see things that make me say, if I had written this I would have added this, this and this. With the set up I have in mind everyone will have a part in constructing the product, which is the memberships. With the 50-100 maximum partners I would like to have, updating the content of the blog and the product becomes easy.

    The whole point of being an affiliate is to not have to create a product. There are over 10 hours of videos, plus more I haven't loaded yet, on the site. The core product is already there but it is not complete. It will never be complete since online marketing changes. With an active partnership keeping that product, fresh, vital, productive, and worthwhile becomes easy. It will never lose value the way even the best online marketing courses do because it will be updated when it needs to be.

    That is real value for customers. Plus, while individual reputations might be small, or non-existent, as a collective we are a juggernaut.

    Reputation+trust+value+pressure=sales. We work together to build each part of that equation.

    People will come to know that if they see someone promoting the site, they are really invested in the site. You're not just some faceless affiliate. They will know that if they buy a membership from you, you will have a section in that membership where they can learn from you. Not someone you say is good, but actually you.

    These is also the issue that as an affiliate you have 0 control over what is contained in the product. If you think about it in most cases, especially with online marketing stuff, there is always something you don't like, or would have done differently.

    As a partner you would actually get to add your opinions, and the things you feel are left out or wrong. You get to create your own sphere as part of the existing product.

    I know I had a lot of concepts I talked about, I hope I was clear as to what I meant.
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