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    Oct 31, 2010
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    I've acquired four few blogger blogs with alexa rankings in the 5-6 million band and a 20-90 backlinks.
    Mostly this traffic is from download sites where people are expecting to get a particular piece of music. I tried sticking a few articles and adsense on these sites but the conversions are horrible relative to the traffic. I'm guessing a CPA offer would work better, since presumably these people would be happy to get the music they want through a free subscription service, but the payouts from the sites which even have affiliate programs look crappy. I have no idea how to link to specific tracks from a subscription site or even if this is possible. I could just link to a track on amazon but in my experience amazon is a waste of time for an affiliate.

    I'd consider any offer for these blogs since I'm not making any money from them currently. Better still if you have experience in this area and know how to make money from these sites I'd offer a 50-50 cut on any profits for the next year after implementing your strategy. This assumes I can make a dollar a day with a reasonable amount of work (less than, say, 60 hours). Probably not worth it otherwise, though I'm flexible.

    To make sure you know you will get paid, I'd suggest you volunteer part of your strategy before you give me the whole approach and I pay incrementally when I can see some results (obviously I'm not expecting megabucks, an extra 10 cents a day would arouse my interest at the moment).