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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by theadultsplayground, Feb 6, 2011.

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    I just launched my new project called and I'm looking for someone to help market it, manage it and turn it into something profitable.

    This is not some get rich quick scheme and will take months of work. I currently pay for VPS hosting, adwords campaign, purchased a script, and did the setup so I have more invested.

    Let me know what skills you have (marketing, web design, programming, etc) and what tools you may use to promote the site.

    The partner will be given access to the website to manage users, view commissions, etc.

    This will be a 65/35 split (I get 65%) for all commissions earned minus affiliate payments and the partner will be paid every 30 days for commissions earned from the previous month. Partner will be paid via paypal

    Communication will be via email/chat software (e.g., ICQ).

    Please ask any questions here in the thread unless it's something private you want to discuss.

    This is not for people that want to become an affiliate for the website. If you're looking for that go to the site and register as a member (free).

    You can check out the site from the link in my sig