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    Hello BHW Members,

    I have learned a lot here and met some great friends and contacts. So it is time I share one way I earn. This can be fairly easy, it can be used overseas (sometimes easier) as many on here are not in the US.

    I will give you an example, you can use your imagination to grow it and expand. I am not fond of "twists" and "no one will spoon feed you on here." No one is going to give you there "pay dirt" :) however, be kind, give more than you receive, and work hard. You can and will succeed.

    Ok, so I do spend a few dollars to make money with this method. As you start earning you can expand or just stick with what you have found works. I am not too concerned that this will get saturated because if you cannot communicate well with sellers (and buyers) they will see right through you and not bite.

    Find a USED product that is in need. Go to Ebay, CL, Amaz0n, ect. This is very easy to find if you look. I will give you one that I still use to this day: College Text Books. Find the right ones and you can make fast, easy money. This is a good one overseas wherever there is a US military base as many soldiers and family member are in college (online or in the class room). What I have found is that military and their family mainly use GI Bill and tuition assistance programs. They basically pay for their books or a portion of them. So they have less vested interest in getting a return on their money. Many people do not know about all of the different text book buy back and reselling programs either. Depending on your location, this can be fairly lucrative for someone just starting out or needed extra cash.

    I post WANTED ads, I search "text trader" sites and forums, CL is a great resource to post and search as well. I regularly find used books that sell in a day for $70.00-$80.00, for half the price or less.

    Get a sellers account on Ebay, Amaz0n, text trader sites, ect. There are many places to sell. Get your books listed and you will not believe how fast they can sell. Do not waste your time with books that are no being used in current some quick research and only buy what students in up coming courses will be using.

    A word of caution: Keep your accounts in great standing. Ship immediately, respond to emails immediately, use USPS tracking to cover false claims, NEVER accept paypal (read about the BH paypal scams...) Customer service and your rating will reap the rewards with great customer feedback.

    Sorry this is not a get rich method........but it is fairly easy, costs are minimal and it does work!

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