Parasites PWN! - Leeching From Authority Sites = $$$$


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Jun 5, 2011
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Parasites PWN! - Leeching From Authority Sites = FAST Rankings & BIG Monies $$$$

You've all heard the news right!?... BH SEO is dead right?.. SPAM is dead right? You can't make fast money with SEO anymore right?... WRONG!!... It's never been so alive and it's never been so easy either..

The problem with you kids today (the majority of you) is that the Google propaganda machine has got to you and corrupted your weak mortal minds, it has somehow managed to infiltrate it's way onto this once glorious BLACK HAT SEO Forum we call home, all too often now I'm seeing my BH brothers regurgitating and repeating Matt Cutts utter bullshit on threads here, the more sheeple that spread this misinformation the worse it gets, like a fucking domino effect and it's sad to see. The fact is folks BH SEO is very much alive and in my honest opinion has never been so much so...

Over the next few weeks/months I'm going to be sharing some BH SEO content, stuff I use personaly, some theories and anything else I think could be beneficial to someone at least hah, my hope is this will spark feedback, twists and get others sharing/talking about actual BH SEO ranking/banking methods.. - I will talk about some of my actual campaigns, I will give you pieces of the puzzle but I will not spoon feed you..

Today I will be talking about "Parasites" and how I use these little babies to multiply the numbers in my bank account, I'm surprised there is not much talk about these on BHW at the moment as they are hot stuff right now and they've been around a very long time used in one form or other by SEOs, lack of chat here might be due to their effectiveness and guys banking not wanting to talk..


Firstly lets go back to basics here, what on earth is a "Parasite"?...

Well quite simply Parasites are high Authority sites which Google deems trustworthy and they give a lot of LOVE to..
When we talk about them in terms of SEO and this method here we are referring to creating an inner page on one of these High Authority sites then ranking it - it then has a link which leads back to my money site, direct offer or landing page, here are a few examples of the more widely known Parasites SEOs might use...

HQ News Sites
Amazon Product Pages (excellent!)
HQ Forums (posts/threads)
Yahoo Answers

That's just a very small handful of the most used and common ones, basically you are looking for a site with high authority - with solid metrics all round and which will allow you to create some content on it! You can find literally heaps of these though it's just a matter of searching - I have compiled a Large List Of Parasites on down the thread for you too.

Check out the highly spammed big $$ niches you will find heaps of parasites in plain daylight, Alexa top sites - common sense really if it's a well placed site in Alexa you can guarantee Google gives it love. Feel free to share any other tips or actual sites to use here..


What's the Pros here? Why should I be taking advantage of these little gems!?

It's simple really these pages are LOVED by Google, Big G is literally sucking the balls off these sites, in Google's eyes these sites only bang out high quality content, content people want to read, content people link to and spread like wild fire - Can anybody say VIRAL EFFECT!?

These sites are generally years old, very high PR and all round high metrics, they will have 100s of 1000s if not millions of links already going to them, pages receiving 1000s of links is nothing out of the ordinary on these sites.

So pages on these sites can take a hammering of links and be ranked very quickly - some even in a few days, I shit you not! This simply isn't doable with a normal website in such a short time frame.

Forget the rule book here too, it's out the window! Normal SEO rules do not apply, you can fire mass links at these babies like a maniac, again you couldn't do this in most cases with a normal web property without setting off red flags. These sites are already online and thriving, they are free for you to use.. The costs here are your time in doing SEO and content if you are using a content based parasite like I will be showing you below.


Time to make some cheddar!..

So now that we are all aware of what a Parasite is and why you should be using them I'm going to talk about one approach I've been using, I won't be giving away actual specifics/kws on my niche here as it's still one I'm dabbling in, I will provide screenshots with ranking updates and try to be as forthcoming as possible though wile still keeping my sensitive data private. I will talk about my own campaign below and give you the pieces - as I said at the start of the thread I will not spoon feed people.

There are countless ways and approaches to use Parasites to your advantage, some of you no doubt are already banking hard with these methods (sorry for outing!), this method is a common one used by Parasite junkies..

You'll need a domain for this (more on why later), head on over to your regular registrar and grab one.. Make sure the domain is relevant to the actual offer/product you are hoping to promote and bank on, also nothing silly here - reason being we want this domain to pass any checks on the Parasite site, a stupid domain name will raise flags with a moderator or reviewer which this site certainly has so keep it professional.

For this approach you are going to need content and this needs to be GRADE A High Quality content - shit content will not fly on this Parasite, I personally use BHW member "reallife" when I require content of this caliber, you will need an article around 7-800 words in length.

Obviously you are going to need a product or offer to promote, for the method below I will be going after an ever green forex niche, the offer is a CPA offer.

Duh.. You're going to need links and you're going to need shit loads of them, get ready to fire up them tools or pay someone to do the link building for you.. I'll go into more details on the link building below..

The site I will be using today is actually a forum, it's one of the largest forums and content farms on the web and I'm sure a lot of you have heard of it ""


There's method in the madness!...

We have all the pieces of the puzzle now it's time to put them together..

The aim here is to get an article/thread live on (or your own Parasite selection - see my list at the bottom of the OP), this is simple enough to do - you sign up and post a thread, topix will have a subsection for almost every niche you can imagine, I went with the finance sub forum.. Now be aware just because it is easy to get a thread live does not mean it will stick, read on..

Product review, affiliate looking posts etc are not going to fly for long from my findings they will be outed and deleted by moderators, for example the niche I'm targeting is a "Forex" based niche and the product is a sort of Forex bot which supposedly makes trading easier, this is where the quality article comes into play - a well written high quality thread/article on your niche will last much longer and fly under the radar.

What I did here was I instructed the copywriter to write me up an in-depth article on Forex trading - an analysis article with a hint of reviewing in there, I gave him the main keyword instructing him to slip it into the article as much as he could but of course looking natural within the article, I also gave him several secondary keywords instructing him to fit them in if he can. So I got back a professionally written Article which the guys at topix should have no issues with, the article appears to be talking about the current Forex markets and day to day trading, within the article my keyword is stuffed in there a few times in a subtle way.

The thing about topix is you cannot use an anchor text, you are using the blank url.. this is why I bought a decent looking domain earlier, affiliate links will get your post deleted. So for now I redirect the domain to an authority site in the forex niche, this way it looks legit and as if it's an actual reference to a point in my article, I will come back to this then later..

So once your article is live let it mature for a day or two..

It's time to build some links...

Now comes the fun part!..

This is the sheer beautiful part of Parasites - The link building.. As I mentioned earlier these babies can take a hammering and that's what we're going to give them.. The aim here is to create a "Viral Effect" in the eyes of Google, these Parasite sites like have content going Viral naturally EVERY single day, this is nothing new to Google for these sites.. So we want to mimic this effect artificially..

I start off with a social links campaign - Again the Viral Effect: If something is worth reading, worth sharing and gaining traction it will naturally start to be shared all over social networks, so you want to create this effect, I fire an onslaught of social signals from fb posts/likes/shares, tweets and retweets, pinterest pins/repins - These are the ones I use as I feel they are the only relevant ones to the mass public and would be shared naturally.

Next comes actual link building - I run a campaign over 10 days consisting of flat out SPAM think multiple copies of GSA and ZennoPoster on hyper-drive, url shortner 301s (shameless self plug: similar to what we do in for you lazy BHers), backed up with lower level tier 2 links in their 10s of 1000s.. I try my best to stick with the contextual platforms. All in all I'm building a total of around 10k tier 1 links (majority contextual) with around 6k of those being unique domains over the 10 days, then I have 10s of 1000s of lower level tier 2 links (wikis, bookmarks, blog comments etc) to super charge these.

Velocity: Again the rule book doesn't apply much in terms of velocity either as this shit is going VIRAL, I tend to keep my velocity somewhat consistent though at around 1k-1.5k links per day, as I said tier 1 contextual links will work best for you..

Anchor diversity and %s are not important here either (sweet right!?), as I keep saying forget the rule book it's out the window.. I tend to keep around 40% of the links to my actual main kw, 50% then gos on my secondary keywords and the remaining 10% is generic "click here" etc and blank urls of the article.

This will usually be more than enough to push most keywords onto the first or second page in around 25-30 days max, I'll give it 5 days after the blast has completed at the very most.. If I'm not where I want to be I will throw in a platinum Speed Rank package which is 525 High PR links from Russian networks such as SAPE.. 9 times out of 10 this is not needed when using Parasites because of the love and authority Google gives them they rank with pure mass spam.


Time to bring home the bacon...

As soon as your post hits page 1 on Google its time to redirect your domain you bought to to your lander/offer page - by this time it's unlikely topix will be rechecking your post to see if the domain redirects - only thing you need to worry about now is competitors in your niche reporting you when they get jelly of you dominating their niche in a matter of days. I simply directed the domain to the products landing page with my aff ID attached, then I sat back and watched the sign ups begin to fly in..

Just so you know there are countless good parasites out there to choose from, my theory before doing this though was simple.. topix is a beast, it's busting at the seems with Authority and content so what better a target to use.

This is why Parasites are so lucrative and I guess why people don't share much on them here, its like an all out war and the normal rules do not apply, once you have put all the pieces together you go into battle with an all out assault of links! I've obviously left out some of my private details here, in time and through practice you will learn more efficient link structures and rank even quicker - then it's time to look at automating the whole process, I've given you an outline here - Now get out there and make it rain! This is honestly one of the easiest ways going to rank for big $$$$ kws quickly, when it burns you simply rinse and repeat.


Check them out for yourself, below are a few screenshots I took over 7 weeks on one project...

DAY 1: The content has just been posted, I will drip feed a shit load of social signals now over the next 4 days..


DAY 4: I fire up the tools and begin an all out assault, at this stage I have the whole system automated from the first scraping of the content I'll use for the contextual links.. right down to finishing off with all created links running through 2 indexers at the end of each day, as mentioned above I keep velocity to around 1-1.5k links per day and take roughly 10 days to complete. Before I start I've recorded how things are sitting right now, the keywords are bouncing in and out as can be seen, natural fluctuations and perhaps a small effect from the social signals - this will all start to change very soon..


1 WEEK IN: So one week into the blast, all the keywords have vanished which is to be expected - we are firing 1000s of links at this site in a short period of time so it is naturally dancing, it will bounce back stronger than before over the next few weeks.


2 WEEKS IN: We are nearing the end of the actual link blasting, you can see some keywords are bouncing around the 3rd, 4th and 5th pages this is a good sign!


3 WEEKS IN: 3 weeks in now and the blasting has finished, as you can see the keywords are still dancing around like crazy, I will leave it for another week or so to see where I sit and if needs be then fire in some high PR links from a Speed Rank package to finalize those positions!


4 WEEKS IN: 4 weeks into things now, all keywords are on the map now but still some serious dancing going on, nice to see one of my keywords has now reached the top of page 3 with others not far behind.. I'm going to fire a platinum package of Speed Rank at this now, in most cases this is over kill and not needed in those amounts but I really have no patience and want to see this baby ranked. I will give the Speed Rank links around 2-3 weeks to fully gauge their effectiveness...


7 WEEKS IN: Ok so things took a little longer than expected, but the Speed Rank links have well and truly kicked in now and these sort of results in 7 weeks isn't too shabby, I redirected the domain yesterday and have begun getting a steady stream of hits to the offer but no conversions yet - not that I'm worried I know they're most definitely on the way.. Some of the keywords are still dancing quite a lot, others are still pushing for those top spots. I'll continue to throw some more spam at this now until I get the rankings more stable and try to grab those other top spots.


And there you have it, this is just one of several projects I'm working on at the minute, this should yield me an extra $2-$3k per month it's a small niche but not too shabby for a small amount of work and it should hold out for some time unlike the bigger $$ niches - 5-10 of these ranking at the one time you'll be living very comfortably and it's 100% doable plus even easier when you eventually have the whole system automated, when/if rankings begin to dwindle it's usually because of links drops, I will simply top up with more links to replace any links that have dropped to maintain rankings - in the bigger niches you'll be reported a lot quicker so may not get to that point! As I said before I've left out the finer details and that's for 2 simple reasons, these are my ranking strategies I use to rank for aff products like above and I'm also a big service provider here as you'll know, I'm not about to hand the keys to my treasure chest to the mass public.. It is as simple as I've just shown though when you perfect it.


Below is a list of sites which have been and are being used as Parasites, I have compiled this list from my own data, multiple forum posts and SEO blogs if you have anymore feel free to share them. Recently found this out.. if you have SERPWoo it has a tool within it called "SERP Sightings Module" if you want to find out if one of the below is being used a lot now simply throw it in there, it will give you insights into average positions, increases and decreases.. this is a sure fire way to gauge if it's currently being used a lot as a Parasite.

Some of these will allow you to post content, others will be profiles, forums, web 2.0s, Q&A sites..

Code: - product pages

HQ News sites (There's countless numbers of news sites you can use as Parasite) - through PRWeb, SBWire, PRLog etc


  • You can use Parasites very effectively in ORM - shit it's basically what ORM consists of.. simply pick out a few of the more popular Parasites like social media accounts belonging to the client that should be enough for most of the first page then pick more from the list I've shared above, spam them to the top.. generally ORM campaigns are a walk in the park as it's the clients name or business name 90% of the time or a long tail variation with "scam" or similar in them, so it's very easy to rank parasites for these terms and knock the bad press off the first page - happy client.

  • Another thing I know a lot of agencies are doing now, you have a new demanding client they want sales and results like yesterday or perhaps you just want to get your client some sales to keep him happy.. ranking his site carefully is going to take some time, it'll be months before he begins to see any returns on his investment, so rank some parasites in the mean time for long tail variations of his kws, rank them quick and capture the leads for the client, he's getting steady leads keeping him happy which keeps him on board so you can concentrate on his actual site, this will impress clients to a serious degree.

  • Also going off the approach above on lead capturing for clients.. you could also set yourself up parasites for all the high ticket local businesses "dentists", "lawyers" etc etc capture leads through a lander linked to from your parasite, when you get it ranked and begin to capture some leads - start calling up these businesses to sell the leads, these will be hot leads - businesses will pay a good price for them, you should have no problem selling them as to an offline business like a lawyer just one of those hot leads you have given him could potentially be worth 10s of 1000s of dollars or at the very least a few 1000!

  • Early releases too are a great way to use Parasites - know of a new movie or game coming out? or anything really that people will want which is about to be released, get your Parasites up a day or two before it hits the market publicly, you will dominate before others even have a chance. This can be great for those clickbank products by the IM gurus we all know the type right? Join their lists - they hype up a lot with the pre-release to their potential affiliates, you'll get early info on when their new super product is going to go live - get those Parasites up in time.

I don't think making money online is hard and as you can see the normal rules don't always apply so don't always believe what those Google propaganda puppets feed you, get out and test it for yourself - fast rankings are very possible. I hope this will help some of you, get some wheels spinning out there for you guys that have never heard of this and hopefully entice the guys dabbling in parasites to chat more as no doubt there is plenty here on BHW..
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Nice one t0mmy!

I can't recall any thread I have seen since I started posting here where you've shared a method... This must be GOLDEN!

Reading through it now and thank you for the info!
This is probably the greatest guide on Parasite sites I've read. I wouldn't be surprised if this got moved to Jr Vip section :)
Damn. What an amazing guide.

I really appreciate it that you took the time to write all of this down for us.

Thanks a lot T0mmy!
Awesome share man. Love your posts.
Would it be recommend Ed to use index service for the back links to get the full viral effect or just natural without index service
Excellent job mate, and the best part is that since this method does involve a lot of waiting around to rank the keywords etc. It won't be saturatez, not too quickly at least. There are always those who need spoon feeding.

Great share mate, been looking into this stuff for a while now, and this is really helpful.
Would it be recommend Ed to use index service for the back links to get the full viral effect or just natural without index service

Good question I mentioned this in "day 4" screenshot.. but yes I throw them through indexers too the tier 1s, I personally use and recommend instantlinkindexer.. but you're firing 1000s of tier 2s at them then too which helps with indexing.

What you'll find is though that in the first few week/weeks you'll see rankings going up but hardly any links showing up in the usual 3rd party link checkers like ahrefs or majestic, those trackers take time to play catch up with the sheer velocity that you're banging links out at, they're being seen, crawled and counted by Google yeah but not showing up in gwt as hardly any ever do hence why we rely on 3rd party tools to "define" indexing.
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How long will the domains using this method stick on 1st page normally? I believe when using 5x parasites targeting the same money it will be more powerful right :)
How long will the domains using this method stick on 1st page normally? I believe when using 5x parasites targeting the same money it will be more powerful right :)

Not sure if you mean using 5 buffers and passing the link juice back to rank a site man? Or do you mean ranking 5 parasites on the front page? If the second one then yes now you're talking! If you mean the first then nah this is different with parasite sites you're trying to rank the actual article on the parasite website, you're piggy backing off the authority the domain has and ranking an inner page you created yourself on that site - you rank it and then you link to an offer not your actual website, well your site if you like too!

Time frames, these things can stay live for months, all depends on the niche.. if you're in a niche with high competition and savvy SEOs expect a competitor to report you to the admins on the site you're leeching off and your article or link to be removed.
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I did a press release a few months of the news sites that picked it up had it naturally ranking between page 4 and 5. I did a lil 5000 link blast to it a while back and it moved to high up on page 3.

Yesterday I 301'd a pretty strong domain I had sitting around towards the page on the news site to see what happens.

Only downside that I've seen is that yeah, your parasite can be taken down at any moment not only by competitors complaining but by site administrators that eyeball new backlinks coming into the site

Good stuff Tommy
Yes I meant ranking 5 parasites on 1st page. Even for the 1st method, it could be also powerful to rank a site using 5 HQ parasites as buffer. Thanks for this great article.
I did a press release a few months of the news sites that picked it up had it naturally ranking between page 4 and 5. I did a lil 5000 link blast to it a while back and it moved to high up on page 3.

Yesterday I 301'd a pretty strong domain I had sitting around towards the page on the news site to see what happens.

Only downside that I've seen is that yeah, your parasite can be taken down at any moment not only by competitors complaining but by site administrators that eyeball new backlinks coming into the site

Good stuff Tommy

Yeah man A LOT of the news sites that pick you up in most good quality press releases can be used as excellent parasites, lower level niches you can rank these all day without fear of reporting from competitors but yeah in the higher volume niches it's to be expected, site admins perhaps but my theory there would be these sites are used to having their content naturally go viral all the time so they may not bat an eye lid..
Damn you outed it for everyone :D I have been doing it for years...

Lol yeah I know from friends and clients that there is a heap of people here doing them, it's surprising it's not talked about more.. rather this and get some constructive chat going than the infamous "seo is dead" threads!
I don't usually take the time to thank. But this is some real good content, technique and method. Hats off to you. Thanks a ton for taking the time.
Very nice post.

Any social signal services that you recommend?

We have our own tools and accounts for them, a wile back I shared one of my retweet bots I no longer used here on bhw.. it should be still lingering about but whether it still works is another thing, the BST section is full of guys though just find someone with some half decent quality and volume, speak to him arrange a deal and tell him how you want them dripped. If you want to do this on a mass scale and eventually automate it you should invest in your own tools, a good programmer can throw together simple social bots in no time.
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