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    Mar 31, 2011
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    hi everybody,

    i want to share my ideas how i start offlineearning.

    Ive spend a look in almost every thread on bhw and compared them to this one and hope that you could help me with some ideas.

    I thought I will offer the guys here in germany free webdesign by a "pro" and will tell them that they need a good hosting.

    Whats better:

    affiliatehosting(40-125 dollars per lead)
    resellerhosting(act like an hostingagency and call my "pro package" with many features they do really not need. this will be sold for 14,70? per month. the good thing: recuring money! the bad thing: need many customers!

    what do you think whats better?

    so long..

    now i had the idea to promote clickbankproducts like "earn money online" at newspaper ads for jobs. these ads are about 10? per day wich is AWESOME cheap...

    i found a germany clickbankproduct wich will give me 23,50? per month and recuring. my hometown has about 200k "inmates" and almost 50% of them do read this newspaper daily. 500 subscribers could be right? would be 11k awesome cash to my bank every month!

    and the last idea: internetservices!

    Like building and mentaining fanpages on facebook, creating businesspages(with wordpress) for upfront money and recuring mentainingcosts etc. i realy do know nothing about SEO so ill wait with this. But how to start? Just sending out letters or emails? Im not so strong in mind to make coldcalls... :S

    please help me :)

    btw: sry for my bad english.. german :S