Page Banned from Serps?

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    Hi guys,

    I have a problem with one page of my website.

    I have a MNS built around a keyword that has very low competition. I use MOZ and its keyword difficulty tools says it has a diff. score lower than 20 on 0-100 scale.
    The page content has more than 1500 words. The on-page is good to perfect (A grade on MOZ)
    I bought this expired brand domain which is 100% categorically relevant and has a DA of 25+.
    The content is only for 6+ months now.

    The problem is the content on my site should be ranking without backlinks and it does for some part. My filler content is ranking 3rd and 4th page without any optimization. However, my main KW is not ranking.

    I can't seem to find what it is that prevents my page from ranking in Google.

    Someone who has suggestions for me where I should take a look at?

    Thank you.