OVH Dedi Server Adminstrator Needed ASAP

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    May 19, 2010
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    I need somebody to diagnose my server problem with OVH and let me know why I am having problems accessing my copy of Windows Standard Server edition and fix it for me. You must be knowledgeable of managing a dedicated server running Windows Server R8 Standard and also have an OVH ID, so I can grant you access to my server.

    Steps I have taken:

    I was able to login to my server and work until about 13 hours or so ago. I was using Terminals 3.2.0 at the time. Windows keep asking me to reboot system because of the updates I made. I postponed that a few times while working on stuff. I exited out of Terminals and tried to log back in. I kept getting an error message saying remote desktop is not installed. I rebooted it with obh manager into rescue mode and got ping back. Then I switched to HD and could not get a pingback.

    The tech department at OVH switched it to webrescue, but I am concerned about trying a HD reboot without knowing what the problem might be. I am able to login to the command prompt using Putty, but I am not sure how to get windows server to start again. I have a valid license #.

    Let me know your hourly rate and availability. I want this fixed ASAP. Thanks.
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    IT specialist :)
    Hi. I'll take a look if you want. Mostly experienced with Linux environments. Pm me if interested.