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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by deusexmachina, Jan 9, 2012.

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    This post is only relevant if you're in very-very competitive industries: i.e. think debt, forex.

    We all, for the most part, have the same tools, Xrumer, Senuke, Scrapebox, whatever. After all, there's only a finite number of things to do when it concepts to SEO, and whoever does it the best, wins. For the most part, these tools work. Even a novice can get some success with them.

    The issue is that a gun-shot approach often fails when using these tools, in conjunction with very-very competitive industries. I thought I was tought-shit in SEO, after only 5-6 months, my website was on page 2 "Seo company" and just the phrase, "SEO" and we were getting plenty of business from leads generated through the website.

    After facing the debt/forex industry, I had to re-analyze my work-flow, and what I was doing. The tools we use work, the issue is fundamentally - google always changes the balance of "power," among the many different variables. For many of the more competitive industries, I have found that directory submissions make or break my campaign. If I am not doing them, I cannot succeed. You don't need 100-200-300 thousand backlinks to win in these categories. 15-20,000 is more than enough. My strategy revolves almost exclusively around directory submissions, with limited use of tools like senuke,xrumer,scrapebox(just to get link diversity).

    This new method has worked wonders for me. I have learned everything I know from this forum, and I wanted to share my success and my discovery with you. Flaming is easy, but instead appreciate.
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    People often dismiss directory links due to lack of knowledge.

    Some things to lookout for when submitting to directories are as follow:

    1. Does the directory accept free links? If yes then I personally would not waste my time submitting to it as google is going to give it minimal trust in the SERPS unless those free links have to no follow attribute attached to them or unless those free links are highly monitored.

    2. Does the directory accept low quality sites, IE Mfa, adult, drugs, ect ect

    3. Does the directory have enough authority to justify submitting to? The home page pagerank can be used as a general guideline.

    4. How far away is your link from the homepage? Featured links are usually 1 or 2 steps away from the homepage giving you more benefit.

    5. If submitting to many directories then are they on the same c-class ip address? Google likes to see links from different c blocks.

    Remember you can't judge the quality of a link just because it come from a directory or even a specific kind of directory such as phpld.
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    $ from websites I own.
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    High quality, unique, non-spun article directory submissions only to the best directories, or something like AMR with spun content?

    Or are you not even talking about article directories, just plain link directories?

    "Directories" is pretty vague.