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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by LuckyGaines23, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I'm looking for web designers as we speak!

    Well, I been trying to learn WordPress so that I can make bank with building websites.. I'm still learning but need to start making money now.

    However, I want to know how will I go about it?

    I did some cold calling yesterday and got one lead... and I will outsource the work and add my fee.

    How do I go about security? = Who does the client pay??? For example: If a client want a website and the cost is $1000 and I find a web designer ---- like, how do I be assured that once I send the web designer the client's money for the website... how to be assure that they will deliver? I just don't want to be responsible. Is there a way I can charge my fee and then connect the client with the actual designer, so that if anything happens it won't fall back on me.

    Is there any web designers who I can work with personally and set up leads for them and just take my portion out of the payment??

    I need to know how to be a middle man without being held responsible?
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    You're the middleman in this operation but the client doesn't know that. The client pays you.

    Most developers and designers will charge 50% up front free and then the rest once the project is finished and live on the server.

    This is how I operate my business and it works well. It's always a risk hiring an outsourced help but just take your time and read reviews, look at portfolios, and always make sure there is clear communication.

    It also helps to hire someone relatively near your timezone. Trust me, dealing with someone who is on the other side of the world is very hard on communication.

    Best of luck, OP.
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    Just sent you PM with some details..
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