outsourcing: endless rise vs hubshout

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    any offline marketers here outsource to either of these resell services?
    I've hear alot of good things about endless rise and their customer support, but not so much about hubshout.

    What are your thoughts on these companies vs hiring your own full time staff on odesk?
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    Hi there.

    Disclaimer up front - I am from HubShout!

    As far as Customer Service, we have two models:

    If your monthly revenue is over $1,000, resellers are in our PRO Program, and are assigned a dedicated Account Manager in the Rochester NY office. You can call them directly (9-6pm Eastern) and the phone rings directly at their desk. Additionally, you can open tickets in the private label portal - which many resellers prefer due to efficiency. The HubShout Account Managers have extensive SEO training and are consultants for your business. They help write proposals, close deals and advise on how to grow your business.

    If your monthly revenue is under $1,000, resellers are in our PLUS Program. Members of PLUS have 30 minute call-back for their customer service. We have internal stats on this and our CSR team consistently beats the 30 minute metric. Additionally, we have a 4pm (Eastern) LIVE session every day (like office hours) where the President and two VPs come to help with training, issues, proposals, etc. Based on our 30 minute response time, and our daily 4pm live sessions, we feel that the Customer Service in the PLUS program is extremely strong.

    For resellers above $10,000 / month, we have an Enterprise Program, and we can get on the phone to talk about that.

    Hope that helps on Customer Service...

    As far as "doing it yourself" - I've always held the opinion that you can (and probably should at first) do SEO yourself. You will get a deeper appreciation of what it takes, what will work, and the value of the activities. As many resellers find, doing it yourself becomes a limiting factor for growth. They find that they are spending too much time doing SEO when they should be selling and doing account management for retention. This is when outsourcing becomes a really smart idea -- at least for some. Some folks have not outsourced before and don't end up with good partnerships. Many resellers have outsourced extensively, and work very well in partner / vendor relationships...
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