Outsourcing content? Good idea or not?

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    I'm new to affiliate marketing/IM in general but I managed to make my first sale in my first 2 weeks.

    I'm promoting a dating product.

    Basically I've been creating new content everyday for e.g. How to approach (day 1), how to lead girls (day 2), how to talk to girls in mixed groups (day 3) etc.

    The problem is I'm no expert on dating and writing content everyday means I'm using up all my limited knowledge!

    2 weeks in and I'm starting to run out of ideas already.

    How profitable would it be to outsource to someone?

    I've created a squeeze page and could get them to do my E-mails for my list.

    I would then drive the traffic.

    Or would it be better to become an expert in a niche?