Outsourcer / Virtual Assistant Proxy Advice?


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Nov 30, 2008
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I am still considering using anoutsourced Virtual Assistant at some point. However, since most of these are not in the U.S. I need/want them to do work (create accounts, link building, blog commenting, article submissions, etc.) for me using a U.S. based proxy.

Can anyone offer advice from their own experience as to how you have provided your VA with a U.S. proxy address? Which service or product do you use? Is it easy to teach the VA how to use it? Cheapest solution? Easiest solution?

I have no experience with this and would be thankful for advice.

Thanks in advance!
Just give them enough money, usually, they can find vpn service in their own country, very cheap.
well vpn solution is best if u are looking for higer speed and all rent a windows server and use it via RDP it give u also a usa ip and work in very high speed in office type environment pm me if u want any help or want to rent a cheap server or VA !!
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