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    When I was starting I didn?t know anything about IM, I had a lot of questions and was looking all around for answers. That?s the reason why I decided to write outline for all those who want to start their own IM journey. BHW has helped me a lot, so this is my small contribution to this community.
    For beginners IM seems like a very complex subject which is difficult to grasp, so we?ll start with basic things.

    1.Niche Keyword Research

    Keyword research is probably the most important step before you build your website. Keywords are the words that people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. For beginning you?ll probably use Google Keyword Tool. The point is to find KW with high search volume. People often think that low competition is advantage, but competition is not how hard it is to get your KW ranked in the SERPs but rather how many advertisers are bidding on that KW. My experience shows me that high competition is better choice.
    It?s very important to understand what micro niche is. Micro niche is a subset of a niche. For example: skin cream is niche, but cream for dry skin, cream for oily skin, night cream, daily cream, etc. are micro niches. Most people overlook how important research is. Before choosing the KW, do a Google search and check out how hard is to beat pages that are showing up in top positions for that KW.

    2. Build Micro Niche Site

    After first step you should have selected micro niche. So, it?s time for buying domain, writing articles which are optimized for chosen KW, building website, etc.

    ? Domain
    At first, try to find EMD (Exact Match Domain - domain that matches a specific keyword exactly). So, www.keyword.com is the perfect one. :) If EMD is not available try to pick something like keywordguide.com (.org .net), it?s better to put your additional word like a suffix.

    ? Article
    The critical point of building website and ranking well is writing unique and high quality content. Content MUST be high quality, don?t screw up here. Don?t copy or plagiarize them. A lot of services offer great articles at a reasonable price. When we are talking about KW optimized article, here is fast checklist:
     KW in the title
     KW in the first sentence of your article
     KW density should be 2-4%
     KW in last 100 words of article
     Sprinkle KW all throughout your content in natural ways. Always keep in mind that content has to be readable.

    ? Building web site
    This step is creative. WordPress is the most popular for creating all kinds of websites. The WordPress content management system (CMS) makes it very easy to both publish and manage the content. You can choose among numerous useful plugins and themes.
    After you are done with publishing, next step which we have to do is setup tracking on your website, this step will provide monitor of performance and ranking of website. Google offers Google Analytics and once you have created an account it?s very easy to add the Analytics function to your site.

    3. Make Your Website Visible To The Search Engines

    Keep in mind that, the ?build it and they will come? mentality doesn?t work. So, you can?t leave your web site without your intervention. The fact is that the best way to get indexed by search engines by following a link from another website where the anchor text (clickable text ? descriptive text used to describe link) of that link is the same as the KW optimization of the website.
    When your website has been indexed it doesn?t mean that it will automatically appear as a #1, not at all.
    SEO here we come. :)
    Here are a few broad hints for beginning:
    ? Creating 2.0s
    ? Submitting links to social bookmarking sites
    ? Submitting links to social networks sites
    ? Blog commenting
    ? Submitting videos
    ? Posting in forums
    ? Submitting articles to directories
    ? Submitting RSS feed to various RSS aggregators
    Acquire backlinks to MNS to improve its ranking in SERPs for the KW you are targeting. Be aware of importance where the backlinks are located and the anchor text.

    4. Monetization

    You did all this in order to monetize website. There are numerous ways to monetize site, for example:
    ? Affiliate marketing
    ? PPC (AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika, etc.)
    ? Selling your services
    ? Selling your products
    ? Text link advertising
    ? Selling banner place
    ? Selling MNS, etc...

    Advice: In case of bad results don?t allow yourself to take it personally or even worse give up. Keep learning, exploring and testing - efforts will pay off. :cool:

    All of these things are basic. So, I'll go on with upgrading this thread and digging deeper into every single step.

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    This is a great newbie guide for anyone who wants to see the big picture. Thanks for putting it together.
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    Nice post and chart. Good basic introduction for newbies. +rep