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    hello there lads,
    i had a buddy of mine who has some negative feedback on him from ripoff reports and a few other sites. i tired contacting them directly to see if they would unindex the webpage from search engines but was never able to get a hold of anyone there so i decided to do something of my own.

    i bought 30 .info domain names
    and posted the same article but spun on all the websites. i made all the websites have the same key words that were affecting him when going Google searches. i did a scrape-box trackback blast of about 70k+ links and also did the rapid indexer scrape-box has as an add-on. that was Tuesday and im not seeing any results! is there anything i can do to make things happen faster? should i submit all websites to Google webmaster tools..... did i do the whole thing wrong?

    any other advice you wise folks can give me to get rid of those reports?

    person who the right answer or advice gets a nice trackback list of over 70k all with pr-3 to 8 for free! just thought id throw that in there as a motivator! might hand out more then a copy or 2! hahaha

    thanks in advanced guys
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    fixing your rep.
    I help dealing with these RoR's all the time with the guys who do this for a living over at profiledefenders.com and their advice is to create a lot of high quality content around the RoR. THese ripoff reports can be some of the hardest things in the world to remove so you need to fire away for a lot longer than 1 week with high quality links and content from multiple sites without spun content.

    Hope that helps you.
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    I am fighting an RoR right now. Actually 2 of them. We got one of them to disappear. As soon as it disappeared a new one showed up on page one. it is hell getting these removed.