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OUCh! help me to finally get my website traffic increase (search results)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by nbabe, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. nbabe

    nbabe Newbie

    Jun 24, 2014
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    I created last year on weebly a website as contrary to most of you im really a beginner in computer. I thought it would help bring more Customer. even bought my domain name thinking it would help.
    Not really.
    When I could post ad on kijiji it did help (I use to get 50-60 clikcs a month) now nothing.

    So I was told to sitemap it (hope im using a correct term) and I tried....for 2 days with a free software but im doing it wrong obviously.

    Can you guys tell me how I can increase traffic to my website so I get more Customer? IE being on firsts results in my domain on Google sear or such? Ill need ste p by step....I know weelby let me go into ssc and html...not quite sure what to do though.

    I also asked earlier today help on being able to repost for free on kijiji as I could sell 5 times more because of kijiji and now im considered dealer and limited to 1 city but I live near 5 cities (within 30 minutes!) and used to post on these.

    anyone can hlep me increase my computer knowledge so I can finally make more money? I kno wyou guys are really more advance then me I spent the last 2 days reading this webiste (with understand little, but being much impressed in ways yo uguys increase trafffic/money income)
    Help !