Other Uses for Affiliate Tracking Systems---

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    Hey Everyone,

    It seems like 99% of tracking interfaces/platforms like DirectTrack, Hasoffers ec... Only get's feedback for it's specific clients, those being affiliate CPA marketers.

    I am a more seasoned offline Marketer that has been brainstorming the different uses for the tracking services above.

    WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS/INPUT/IDEAS that could very well assist projects, services, and general business on or offline by using the above tracking systems.

    Here are some of my ideas so far.... Please provide any feedback good or bad!

    - Offline product sales; example: cashback or coupons for completing offers on the back of a receipt. Very basic and used by merchants. You buy a product. Checkout personal says... "fill out the CPA or Survey; make sure to add your receipt ID number" They complete offer/feedback. Pixel Fires, Form is submitted.

    - Teaching Anything Online; ex (how to give CPR) Your members take a test. After every test is completed the Pixel Fires and you charge them for it.

    - Contest for Teachers and Students: Awareness Contest - Each student has an ID. They go around to the neighbors and tell them about the safety program at the school and whoever Unique IP/ID fires the most pixels wins a Cake:D yum

    - Restaurant owners: You want a "how was our service" form completed. The waitress says towards the end of the meal.. "Go to ....com and let my boss know how I did tonight and you receive 5%off." Customer completes on there phone, waitress gets a raise. **** This could work for any feedback form."