Other organic traffic sources?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by pk7677, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Besides search engines where else can I get organic traffic? Youtube?
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    There are ten ways which you can use to hep get more organic traffic to your site.

    1.When you create a page or a blog post, make sure that your titles are unique and relevant; use your keywords in them

    2. Use tools such as Google Webmaster to monitor your keywords

    3. Choose your Meta keywords sensibly build phrases around them in your content

    4. Work at getting quality relevant back links to your site - comment on other blog's that are do follow enabled

    5. Review your content that people find interesting and create more around the subject, also avoid duplicating content

    6. Build tags around your keywords and add them to your content

    7. Write frequently try to write a least once a week and stay on topic for your niche

    8. Promote your content to social networking sites with care, avoid sales messages, keep to an educational standpoint

    9. Promote sharing and commenting to social networks within your blog posts

    10. Use your keywords on your pages check using keyword density tools - the article must still however be easy to read.

    11. Buzz, Digg, Stumble, promote your posts!

    12. Add Alt tags names to images so that they can be found in image searches on search engines.